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    Custom Built Furnace

    Custom Built Furnaces for Research and Pilot Plants

    CMTS can work with researchers both in the private and public sectors to build equipment to carry out the following processes:

    • Pyrolysis
    • Gasification
    • Controlled Oxidation
    • Fluidized Bed
    • Waste Remediation
    • Heat Treatment

    CMTS also offer control systems, instrumentation and practical experience to allow researchers to convert bench scale equipment into pilot plants.

    Typical Thermal Processing Equipment Of Furnaces Include:

    Muffle, Chamber And Tube Furnaces Of Non Standard Sizes

    Split Type Gasification Furnaces

     Biomass Combustor

    Fire Propagation Test Furnace

    Fluidised Bed Gasifier

    Gasification Furnace

    BS 476: Part 6 Apparatus

    Custom Built Heat Treatment Plants