Furnace Repair & Maintenance Support Services

Your continuity is our concern

Advice on the feasibility of a new project, replacement or repair of parts , service and maintenance.

CMTS is at your service 24/7. Worldwide. Service without frontiers!


A maintenance contract means you benefit from disruption-free services in an economically responsible way. In accordance with a predefined schedule, our highly trained technicians taking care of all the components on your system. This includes testing a large number of vital functions on their continued operation.


Despite maintenance, some things can go wrong. We are always at your service and able to connect to your equipment to get it working again. After all, the continuity of your business is our concern.

With service teams in 10 countries and a worldwide network of agents, we are ready to help you at a moments’ notice. Our unique online facilities means we can often help you before you know you need help and without waiting for a visit from an engineer, faster still and often saving a great deal of time and disruption.

Contact our Customer Care Unit for:

  •   Service & Maintenance
  •   Efficiently Rectifying Malfunctions
  •   Advice On Replacing Parts
  •   Ordering ‘Consumables’
  •   Advice On Assessing The Feasibility Of Projects
  •   Replacing Or Repairing Refractory Linings

Parts Support

We stock a comprehensive range of spare parts to support our Furnace Repair Center:


  • Insulated Fire Brick
  • Ceramic Fiber
  • 1260 deg C Board
  • 1000 deg C Calcium Silicate Board
  • Burner Blocks
  • Cotton Pad Holder
  • Roving Thermocouple
  • Mineral Insulated Thermocouple
  • Plate Thermometer


  • Displacement Measuring Device
  • Beam Reaction Frame
  • Slab Reaction Frame
  • Load Application Apparatus
  • Automatic Furnace Pressure Control
  • Exhaust Duct
  • Chimney


  • Fire Resistance Test Data Management System
  • Furnace Combustion Equipment Control System

Our team is well-experienced with shipping logistics to domestic and overseas locations to ensure that your replacement parts arrive as expeditiously as possible.

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