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Fire Testing Service

For companies looking into carrying out R & D tests on building elements, CMTS can arrange for test to be conducted by reputable Fire Test Laboratories in the following countries:-

New Zealand
Middle East
United Kingdom

These Fire Labs are able to

  • Provide an independent assurance that tests are conducted in accordance with the stated specification, test method and correct test environment.

Examples of Test Apparatus available to perform fire testing works:-
• 5m x 4m, 4m x 3m Combination Fire Resistance Test Furnaces
• 5m x 4m, 3m x 3m Vertical Resistance Test Furnaces
• 5m x 4m Horizontal Fire Resistance Test Furnace
• 1.2m x 1.2m Indicative Fire Resistance Test Furnace
• Façade Test BS8414:1 & 2
• Non – Combustibility Test Apparatus
• Fire Propagation Test Apparatus
• Surface Spread of Flame Test Apparatus
• Single Burning Item
• Large Scale Heat Release ISO 9705
• Cone Calorimeter
• Cyclic Movement Endurance Test Apparatus
• Facilities for Performance Testing of Portable
• Fire Extinguishers
• Hydrostatic Test Apparatus

Scope of Testing Services

1. Fire Resistance Test for Non-Load Bearing & Load Bearing Horizontal Elements of Construction

• Flooring System
• Roofing System
• Suspended Ceiling System
• Beam
• Roller Shutter Assemblies (Horizontal)
• Ducting System

2. Fire Resistance Tests for Non-Load Bearing & Load Bearing Vertical Elements of Construction

• Drywall Partition / Panel System
• Timber Doorsets
• Composite Doorsets
• Steel Doorsets
• Glazed Doorsets
• Fire Dampers
• Roller Shutter Assemblies (Vertical and Sliding)
• Lift Landing Door
• Penetration Seals
• Precast Concrete Wall Panel
• Brick / Block Walls
• Glazing

3. Cyclic Movement Endurance Test for Side-Hung

• Fire Resistance Doorset

4. Reaction to Fire Tests

• Non-combustibility test
• Surface Spread of Flame Test
• Fire Propagation Test

5. Indicative Fire Resistance Tests on Products / Systems

• Ironmongeries
• Horizontal Building Elements
• Vertical Building Elements

6. Active Fire Protection System for Performance Test

• Portable Fire Extinguishers (water, foam, dry powder and CO2)
• Fire Reel Hoses
• Fire Hose Reels
• Landing Valves
• CO2 Valves


CMTS can assist customers to acquire soft skills from industry professionals in areas such:-

Understanding Fire Test Standards
Pre-Certification to ISO 17025