Waste Treatment & Recycling Equipment

Waste Treatment Equipment
CMTS in partnership with thermal equipment makers can offer a turn key solution on waste treatment. Separation, recovery, incineration with energy recovery, land filling and biological treatment is the combination of methods used to treat waste.

Our role is to offer companies and municipalities an environmentally correct treatment of waste with the best means to exploit the material and energy resources of the waste.

With all engineering disciplines represented on our staffs, and with specialty equipment fabrication capabilities, we bring a unique turnkey capability to small industrial firms or to larger firms with moderate size plant and project requirements. We frequently contract on a fixed price basis for such projects, eliminating any concerns about cost overruns.

Automatic Waste Sorting Plant
CMTS supply complete plants for waste sorting and raw materials recovery. The various equipment that is on offer are designed and selected to optimize the extraction of useful waste materials generated from domestic waste generated from communities larger than 500,000 people.
Typical Waste Input Include :

  • Solid pre-selected household waste
  • Solid mixed household waste
  • Commercial, shop and office waste
  • Green / biological (“bio”) waste
  • Bulky Waste i.e. Refridgerator, Tyres, TV etc
Bulky Waste Conveyor Belt

Conveyor BeltFeed waste with mobile crane

Hand Picking StationMagnet Separation

Optical Separation with camerasPlastics Waste Line Recycling

Rotating ScreenWind Shifter

Plastics Waste Line