Fire Testing Instruments

Fire Research Testing of Building Assemblies

CMTS SDN BHD is the sole Malaysia agent for Fire Testing Technology Ltd, the world's leading supplier of fire test instruments.

We offer a full range of instruments required to conduct research and to comply with many of the codes, specifications and regulations in Malaysia, Europe (European Commission requirements) and the aircraft (FAA) and cable (IEC, IEEE) industries. We also provide spares and service (both on-site and via telephone or e-mail consultation) for fire testing equipment manufactured by FTT. Upgrades and spares for other brands are also available.

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We now offer Malaysia - based service and support for all FTT instruments.

For service or support, please contact our Service Engineer.

Heat Release

  • Cone Calorimeter (ISO 5660, ASTM E 1354)
  • EN 13823 Single Burning Item
  • ISO 9705 Room Corner Test
  • EN 50399 Burning behaviour of bunched cables
  • Fire Propagation Apparatus (FM 4910, ASTM E 2058)
  • EN ISO 1182 Non-combustibility Test (ASTM E 2652)
  • EN ISO 1716 Bomb Calorimeter
  • Large Scale Mattress Test
  • FAA Micro Calorimeter
Flame Spread

  • ISO 5658-2, IMO Spread of Flame Apparatus
  • ASTM E 162 Radiant Panel Flame Spread Apparatus
  • EN ISO 9239-1 Flooring Radiant Panel
  • IEC 60332-3 Burning behaviour of bunched cables
  • Thermal/ Acoustic Insulation Flame Propagation Apparatus (FAR 25.856)
  • ENV 1187 Test 1 Roofing Test With Burning Brands
  • ENV 1187 Test 2 Roofing Test With Burning Brands and Wind
  • ENV 1187 Test 3 Roofing Test With Burning Brands, Wind and Supplementary Radiant Heat
  • ENV 1187 Test 4 Roofing Test With Two Stages Incorporating Burning Brands, Wind and Supplementary Radiant Heat
Smoke Production

  • NBS Smoke Density Chamber (ASTM E662, ISO 5659, NES 711)
  • 3 Metre Cube Smoke Apparatus (EN 50268, IEC 61034, BS 6853)
  • ISO 9705 Room Corner Test
  • ASTM D 2843 Density of Smoke from the Burning or Decomposition of Plastics
Toxicity / Corrosivity

  • NES 713 Toxicity Test Apparatus
  • IEC 60754 Part 1 & 2 Corrosion Test Apparatus
  • FTIR Toxicity Test
  • ASTM E 1678 Toxicity/ Corrosivity Test Apparatus
  • ABD0031 Toxicity Test Attachment for NBS Smoke Density Chamber
  • Cone Corrosimeter (ASTM D 5485, ISO DIS 11907-4)

  • Oxygen Index (ISO 4589-2, ASTM D 2863
  • Elevated Temperature Oxygen Index (ISO 4589-3)
  • UL 94 Horizontal/ Vertical Flame Chamber
  • UL 1581 Vertical Wire-Flame Tes
  • ISO 5657 Ignitability Apparatus
  • EN ISO 11925-2 Single-Flame Source Test
  • FMVSS 302/ ISO 3795
  • FAR Bunsen Burner Test
  • Glow Wire Test (IEC 60695-2-10, UL 746A)
Fire Resistance

  • IEC 60331 Fire Resisting Characteristics of Electrical Cables Apparatus
  • BS 6387 Circuit Integrity Under Fire Conditions Apparatus