Fire Resistance

Fire Resisting Characteristics of Electrical Cables Apparatus

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IEC 60331

This test apparatus is for verifying the resistance to fire alone of electrical cables used for wiring and interconnection where it is required to maintain circuit integrity under fire conditions for longer periods than can be achieved with cables of conventional construction.

Unit Comprises: -

  • Cable Mounting clamp assembly
  • Power Transformer assembly rated at a maximum of 600V
  • Air/Propane Gas Burner
  • Air/Propane Gas Train and Controls
Circuit Integrity Under Fire Conditions Apparatus

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BS 6387

FTT produce the BS 6387 test apparatus required for testing cable circuit integrity under fire conditions.

The apparatus is supplied with ability to assess:

  • Resistance to fire alone (IEC 60331-11 / BS 6387 Clause D2)
  • Resistance to fire with Water (BS 6387 Clause D3)
  • Resistance to fire with Mechanical Shock (BS 6387 Clause D4)